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Winter Texan

Winter Texan

What is a Winter Texan? To be honest until we moved to Central Texas, I had only heard through the vine about these elusive winter travelers. But alas, I now see them daily and know that they do exist and walk among us like regular folks.

winter texanDefinition of Winter Texan

According to Wisegeek, “Winter Texans are individuals who choose to relocate to the state of Texas for the winter months. In the past, these wintertime residents were usually elderly people with the resources to own two homes in different parts of the United States. As winter becomes spring, the average Winter Texan prepares to leave Texas and return to his or her permanent resident in another state.”

And no one can blame them! Our temperature this winter in New Braunfels has been higher than 60 degrees Fahrenheit on most days. Warm and sunny in during the day, cool and clear at night. What does this make for? The perfect koozie weather. You need to keep your drink cool and your hand warm.

Proper Koozie for a Winter Texanwinter texan koozie

A suitable koozie choice for this weather is the cup sleeve. It can be used on your morning coffee and your evening pint. I personally use a cup sleeve on my smoothie cup daily. It serves it’s purpose well, and when the smoothie jumps out of the cup and runs down the side, the cup sleeve will catch it! So not only is my hand dry, it’s clean as well. I throw the cup sleeve in the wash whenever it’s dirty and lay it flat to dry.

So for those of you who are Winter Texans or just regular folk like me, get yourself an Uncommon Cover and make your life a little bit easier.



The Giant Beer Koozie

The Giant Beer Koozie

Uncommon Covers is your source for koozies of common and uncommon sizes. People often ask how this business came to fruition. The truth is, there arose a need for just one giant beer koozie. So how would I get just one giant beer koozie for myself?

Big Rig: The giant beer that requires a giant koozie

Giant Beer Koozie
Big Rig OG

The 24 oz. can of beer is not new. They’ve been around as long as I can remember. My husband occasionally (okay, often) stops to pick up singleton 24 oz. beers on his way home from work. However, several years earlier, my friends and I dubbed these beers “Texas Big Rigs.” We found this to be both hilarious and true, because everything really is bigger in Texas.

Can you make a giant beer koozie?

Giant Beer Koozie OG
Big Rig OG

While my husband was trying to stretch and force a regular 12 oz. koozie onto a Big Rig, the koozie ripped. Likely story, right? After the ripping, my husband gathered a few other koozies and asked me if maybe I could sew them all together. Maybe could I try to create one giant beer koozie with my mad sewing skills and a bit of magic? Of course I said yes, because that is what wonderful wives do. Some cutting, sewing and curse words later, we had the very first giant beer koozie, also known as The Big Rig.

Next generation koozies

After using his giant beer koozie for a while, my husband suggested I make and sell these giant koozies. I laughed it off at first. But after some internet searching, I decided maybe there was a need for the world beyond my home to have giant beer koozies.

Giant Beer Koozies
16 oz. Tall Boy alongside 24 oz. Big Rig

Adventures in Koozie Design

For the next several months, we would jot down ideas and buy oddly sized cans to see if a standard koozie may even fit. It was fairly easy to rip up and repair existing koozies, but how would we create our own designs? Well, this took a lot of research and development, but we finally figured it out after about 15 months and a string of trials and errors.

From a giant beer koozie to Uncommon Covers

Uncommon Covers did not come about overnight. Our story is like many of start-up stories. You found and met a need for yourself; and maybe you can meet that same need for someone else. You can get your Big Rig here. The giant beer koozie that started it all.

Here’s to the hustle.