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Cheers to Business Podcast

Hey hey! We recently recorded a podcast with Cheers to Business here in New Braunfels. Sitting down in a real recording studio at Gruene Records (which is a beautiful space!); we talked all about Uncommon Covers, how we got started and where we want to go.

Give the podcast a listen here: iTunes or GooglePlay or PlayerFM

Below are some photos of the things we talked about during the podcast. Take a look!

BJ & Jenny talking about UC.

original uncommon covers
Original Uncommon Covers

shop press die cut
BJ using the shop press to die cut cup sleeves.

leather koozie
Leather drinkwear

Cup Sleeve with outer seam

cheers to business podcast
John Kublank (left), Jenny, John Hill (right)

cheers to business podcast
Cheers to Business podcast. Listen to Episode #33 and more. You won’t regret it!

Giant Cup Sleeve

Giant Cup Sleeve

Greetings! Here’s hoping your Spring is going swimmingly. Uncommon Covers is looking forward to Summer with new product options.  The 2016 newbies will include original designs as well as new product sizes like the giant cup sleeve.

giant cup sleeve32 Ounce Styrofoam

The giant cup sleeve is made for those of you sipping out of the same giant cup all day long. The shown model is made for the large, 32 ounce Styrofoam cup. Of course we are not opposed to creating new sizes. So if your daily sipper is a slightly different size, let us know!

Product Test

This drinkwear style has been put through the paces by some of our good friends working over at the Valero Corporate offices in San Antonio. Valero has an on-campus cafeteria serving up delicious food and giant drinking cups for your beverages. Noted advantages for using the giant cup sleeve are resistance to condensation as well as a bit of additional insulation.

giant cup sleeveNew Products

We recently had a photo-shoot for our new drinkwear selections with Emily from Gruene Photography. It was so much fun working with her to find a one-of-a-kind setting to photograph the UC brand. We chose Landa Park near the Comal Springs. The Uncommon Covers home base is in New Braunfels, and Landa Park is all things NBTX.

Stay tuned for more product updates and photos. If you have any questions, ask! And if you want your very own drinkwear item, order it!


Winter Texan

Winter Texan

What is a Winter Texan? To be honest until we moved to Central Texas, I had only heard through the vine about these elusive winter travelers. But alas, I now see them daily and know that they do exist and walk among us like regular folks.

winter texanDefinition of Winter Texan

According to Wisegeek, “Winter Texans are individuals who choose to relocate to the state of Texas for the winter months. In the past, these wintertime residents were usually elderly people with the resources to own two homes in different parts of the United States. As winter becomes spring, the average Winter Texan prepares to leave Texas and return to his or her permanent resident in another state.”

And no one can blame them! Our temperature this winter in New Braunfels has been higher than 60 degrees Fahrenheit on most days. Warm and sunny in during the day, cool and clear at night. What does this make for? The perfect koozie weather. You need to keep your drink cool and your hand warm.

Proper Koozie for a Winter Texanwinter texan koozie

A suitable koozie choice for this weather is the cup sleeve. It can be used on your morning coffee and your evening pint. I personally use a cup sleeve on my smoothie cup daily. It serves it’s purpose well, and when the smoothie jumps out of the cup and runs down the side, the cup sleeve will catch it! So not only is my hand dry, it’s clean as well. I throw the cup sleeve in the wash whenever it’s dirty and lay it flat to dry.

So for those of you who are Winter Texans or just regular folk like me, get yourself an Uncommon Cover and make your life a little bit easier.



Football and Love

Football and Love

February is here! This week we will discuss football and love – two superb upcoming occasions for koozies from Uncommon Covers.


The apex of football season is here with the upcoming SuperBowl 50. The golden anniversary of SuperBowls. Who will win? AFC vs NFC, Denver vs. Carolina, Peyton vs. Cam – so many contests to be settled in 60 minutes of playing time. Whichever team is yours, please do not forget to keep your beer, soda, wine, water, Red Solo cup, etc. covered with an Uncommon Cover while watching the game. There’s no reason to add a cold hand to the mix while cheering on your team.

Also, let’s not forget the VERY MOST IMPORTANT parts of the SuperBowl – the commercials and the halftime show. This is probably the only sports broadcast you will watch all year where you remain interested in between the actual playing time. Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars will be bringing their talents to the stage. They are all separately talented, so the combination should make for an explosive show. Maaaybe not as explosive as JT and Janet Jackson. Anyone remember that?


The very next weekend after the conclusion of football season we are welcoming Valentine’s Day. As you may have seen on social media, Uncommon Covers has 3 different Valentine’s Day designs ready for yourself or your Valentine.

Football and Love

Love – The classic. White text on pink neoprene.

Be Mine – The original. Red heart on white neoprene.

I Heart U – The monotone. Black text on a black neoprene.

All styles are available as 12 oz. koozies or cup sleeves. The colors are interchangeable. The monotone option is only available in black and white.

The Valentine’s Uncommon Covers are the gifts that keep on giving all year long. A great item to keep your hand warm in the winter and dry in the summer.

In preparation for these two awesome upcoming weekends, don’t forget to plan your koozie usage appropriately. Hurry and decide which Valentine koozie works best for you. February 7 is the final order date for guaranteed Valentine’s Day delivery.

Seven Koozie Habits of Highly Effective Koozie Users

UC Guest BloggerSeven Koozie Habits of Highly Effective Koozie Users

I have a confession: I am a regretfully inadequate koozie user. When I’m at a bar and realize that my beer is getting warm, I envy my friends that have delicious cool beers in their unsweaty koozie-protected hands. My drink-related New Year’s Resolution is to be a better beer drinker, and therefore, a better koozie user. To kick the year off right, I’ve been collecting data from my friends to develop this list of Seven Koozie Habits of Highly Effective Koozie Users.

1) Be prepared.

Super users of koozies know that cold beer invites can come at any hour of any day. Like Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared (with Koozies)” is the super user’s motto. Keep a stash in the car so you are prepared for the unexpected happy hour, sporting event or get together.

2) Variety is the spice of life.

Who knows where the sudden invite will take you? Your favorite beer could be in a can, bottle or on tap. Variety is the key to koozie prep. Don’t keep one in your car, keep 5 or more of varying sizes, shapes and colors.

koozie purse
Purse full of koozies

3) Carry on your person.

Keep a koozie in your pocket, purse, satchel, fanny pack or somewhere less obvious. Nothing impresses like rolling up to a bar and immediately placing your cold brew into a snug koozie. This move says, “I’m confident in my beer-drinking game.”

4) Actually, keep 2.

Your companion, or a cute new friend, will appreciate the lending of a koozie. Not everyone is a koozie super user yet. I could be one of these cute new friends. Keep a koozie for me, just until I get the hang of these rules.

5) Brand yourself.

koozie cats
Cool cat koozie

Koozie super users are memorable. Because they are always ready to lend a help koozie? Sure, that’s part of it. More importantly, these super users build a brand for themselves by designing their own koozies. What is on the koozie is just as important as the koozie itself. It’s time for you to brand yourself! Design your own logo and incorporate your slogan!!

What’s my slogan? No Pants!

I’m putting in my order for a slew of No pants koozies today. Watch out for me at your local watering hole.

6) Emergency Contact.

Looks, even super users have a rough day. What do super users do if the call of the cold beer comes in, and they are not in their car and don’t have pockets or a purse? The smartest koozie users have an “In case of Koozie Emergency” contact at the ready. The koozie emergency contact could be your significant other or, more likely, your best drinking buddy. Text each other in the AM to make sure at least one of you has pockets or and access to your vehicle at all times.

7) Personal Supplier.

Who doesn’t need a koozie maker in their Top 5? Uncommon Covers is ready to be your personal and business koozie supplier. Drop them a line today!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Uncommon CoversHappy New Year from Uncommon Covers! Now that 2016 is officially upon us, it’s time to share a few Uncommon Covers goals for the new year.

We are excited to bring you a fresh website with a more up-to-date look and feel. This has been in the works since last year, so we can’t wait to share the end result. The finished product will definitely be worth the wait.

New products to be released this year are pet bowl mats and more original koozie designs. The new koozie designs to be offered in the shop include a giant cup sleeve as well as a koozie for those little 10 ounce beers found in Southern Louisiana.

Uncommon Covers is also looking forward to various partnerships with other Texas makers and businesses. Look for these on social media as well as here on the blog and website.

Finally, the blog will be featuring guest bloggers this year. Keep your eye out for these as the entries will be informative as well as entertaining.

2016 will be a year of excitement and growth for us, so stay tuned to see what’s next!

Merry Tex-mas: A Koozie Gifting Guide

Merry Tex-mas: A Koozie Gifting Guide

Greetings! Merry Tex-mas and happy holidays to all. Texmas Tex-masWe hope everyone had a wonderful and food-filled Thanksgiving. Now that the holidays are in full swing, time to buckle down and plow through with the gifts, decorations and parties. This week we are providing a top ten list of ways koozies are a great holiday gift.

  1. Stocking Stuffers: If you’re at a loss for a nifty gift that is useful (and not made in China), look no further than an Uncommon Cover.

  2. Host/Hostess Gifts: Attending a party this holiday season? Don’t forget to bring the host or hostess a small gift. Some might suggest wine, but an Uncommon Cover will bring cheer all year long. We can even make a koozie for a wine bottle!

  3. Co-workers: Maybe you’re a rare breed who gets along with everyone at work. Or maybe you want to head into 2016 on the right foot with everyone at work. In any case, a koozie is a great way to say, “Thanks for being my co-worker! Happy holidays!” Not too expensive, not too cheap and very useful.

  4. Your Mailperson/Delivery person: YES! You need to give a gift to your mailperson. This delightful man or woman shows up at your house every day, rain or shine, with your snail mail. The USPS requires gifts to be worth $20 or less. A koozie or cup sleeve is a great gift that falls within this price limit.

  5. Your hair stylist or other service professionals: Have you been getting really great haircuts all year from the same person? They deserve your attention during the holidays, too. A koozie is a great way to say, “Thanks for keeping me lookin’ good!”

  6. Neighbors: Do you want to get your neighbors a small gift? A set of Uncommon Covers would be just the thing. Again, not too cheap, but also not too expensive way to say, “Hey, we’re thinking about ya.”

  7. Teachers: Now these people deserve much, much more than just a koozie, so get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or liquor store and stuff into an Uncommon Cover. They will thank you for your consideration while they’re stressing out in late April.

  8. Babysitter: Stuff that holiday bonus into a koozie for your babysitter. He or she will appreciate the gesture. They also might think you’re pretty cool for giving them a gift!

  9. Spouse: Does your spouse buy whatever they need or want when they need or want it? Get him or her an Uncommon Cover to use for your New Year’s celebrations. You can put your face on it!

  10. Friends: And finally, your compadres. They put up with you all year long. In fact, get yourself one and you can have a matching set to use together all year long.

During the hustle and bustle, remember to stop and cherish the special moments with loved ones this Tex-mas season.

Happy Tex-mas! Cheers!

Made in Texas

Made in Texas

Uncommon Covers are made in Texas. Our founder is a first generation Texan bringing everything with it that entails. The deep seeded roots of the Lone Star State can be found in the creation of all of our products and every design.

Texas PrideTexas Caddo word

Texas pride is not something to be taken lightly. The rich history of the State is engrained in our culture. The people, food and terrain lend themselves to a lifestyle of incredible independence and pride. This same culture powers Uncommon Covers. Not only was the company “made in Texas”, but our handcrafted products are fashioned with the same force to be independent, prideful and long-lasting.

A State of Mind

When we ship our Made in Texas products to other parts of the US and world, our hope is the person  receiving fosters a little piece of Texas. Created with Texas dignity, our products embody the true grit of hard work. After a long, hard day – go home, relax, grab an Uncommon Cover and partake in a tasty beverage. You deserve to have the day’s struggles fade away while Texas works to keep things cool.

Texas FlagTexas is Best

Just like every American who has state pride, we think Texas is best. While we have our downfalls (and there are plenty of them!), at the end of the day, true Texans stand together. Texas runs deep and wide through the heartbeat of Uncommon Covers. We pride ourselves in our processes, products and people. We strive to demonstrate that same pride which originates from being the second largest state in the Union!

If you’ve never been to Texas, come visit. The charm of Southern hospitality meshing with the diversity of our state is unlike any other in our great nation. Uncommon Covers is proud to be made in Texas.

If you have a great Texas story or thought to share, please let us know in the comments below!

Holiday Koozies

Holiday Koozies

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “The holidays?? It’s not even Halloween!” And you are absolutely correct. However, it’s never too early to get started on the stocking stuffers and corporate gifts. Our Holiday Covers are the perfect gift not only for the beer lovers in your life, but also for the people who seem to already have it all.

Holiday Designs

Our holiday designs are very simple. Each is constructed of solid neoprene with single color lettering. Let’s explore the four options.

Staching Through the Snow

Staching Through the Snow Koozie
Red with white text

This is not an original UC quote, but the design is unique to UC with red neoprene and white letters. This one also features a mustache and a snowflake. A suitable match for any mustachers or hipsters in your life.

Yule Fuel

Yule Fuel Koozie
Blue with yellow text

This cover speaks for itself. If you have a friend or family member who could use a little Yule Fuel to survive the holidays, this will coordinate perfectly. This cover is blue neoprene with bright yellow letters.

Making Spirits Bright

Making Spirits Bright Koozie
Black with bright yellow text

This one is a simple black and yellow design. This design can be use throughout the year to spread cheer and make spirits bright every time you use it.

The Most Wonderful Time for a Beer

The most wonderful time for a beer koozie
Red with white text

A personal favorite of our founder and CEO, this Uncommon Cover will sing with you all year long. A fun way to remind yourself of the joy of the holidays during the boiling hot summer months. Keep your beer cold all year long with a little holiday cheer.


The holiday covers are shown in the shop are the standard 12 oz. Regular sizes. Each cover is able to be created in any other sizes that we offer, or better yet, any custom size you have in mind. While the designs are not editable, you can still request a name, logo or other text be added to the reverse side.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Order your holiday koozies here!

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee Cup Sleeves

If you are a daily coffee drinker on the go, then you know the struggle of holding a fiery coffee in a paper cup that is too hot to handle. Of course there are the universal paper cup sleeves and the two cup method for better insulation. However, a reliable barrier from the heat requires a sleeve that is both sturdy and reusable.

Neoprene Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee Cup Sleeve with custom intial.
Neoprene Coffee Cup Sleeve with custom initial.

A neoprene coffee cup sleeve or koozie is a high quality reusable and washable cup sleeve. You can even customize your cup sleeve with your initials or logo. The neoprene cup sleeves are extremely versatile as they will also fit Solo cups, pint glasses and more. It can even be shimmied onto a wine or high ball glass for added comfort from the cold.

3 cup sleeves on 3 different glasses.
Uncommon Covers for everyone.

Foam Coffee Cup Sleeves

A foam cup sleeve is also very good quality and reusable. Foam is much more price competitive (see here). The foam cup sleeve can be adorned with your initials or logo just like the neoprene. Unfortunately, the foam cup sleeve is not as versatile. The foam sleeve does not stretch and retract as the neoprene does. So while it will definitely fit your coffee cup and other similar sized containers, anything outside of this standard size will be a bust.

Better for the Earth

Coffee Cup Sleeve
The original Cup Sleeve design.

Paper cup sleeves are the standard, especially for coffee cups. These have been made popular by America’s favorite coffee shop with the green and white logo. The paper sleeves are desirable due to cost, customization and recyclability. However, tossing one sleeve a day will add up. A reusable, washable cup sleeve with your unique brand is more appropriate for daily use. Additionally, everyone will know it’s your coffee. Hands off!

Check out more photos of the neoprene cup sleeve on the UC Instagram or order your very own.