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Blanche Drinkwear


Show your style with an original Uncommon Cover.

Show your style with black Blanche Drinkwear highlighted with pink text. Each Uncommon Cover displays “Dorothy in the Streets Blanche in the Sheets” on one side and the Uncommon Covers logo on the opposite side. Substitute your name for the logo on the opposite side (+$3). This rugged Blanche Drinkwear will fit 12 oz. cans and longneck bottles.

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The Blanche Drinkwear is the another foray into foam koozies for Uncommon Covers. This particular style has been featured on the UC Instagram feed many times as it was put to the true test this past summer. Although not as traditionally tough as neoprene koozies, the foam will hold its own marching right along side its neoprene counterparts.