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Foam vs. Neoprene: The Winner is Revealed!

Nearly five years ago, a diplomatic blog post outlined the differences between two of the world’s most popular materials for koozie construction: foam and neoprene. Although neoprene has always been the preferred choice of Uncommon Covers, some basic information was provided for each option. Now with more than seven years of experience under the belt, a winner in the debate has been declared.

For those of you who are already proud owners of Uncommon Covers products, you already know the answer. To the new people: Welcome! And the winner is neoprene! We thank foam for its participation but it’s time to run along now. Here’s why.

    • Even in storage, foam breaks down quickly. Original UC neoprene koozies are still going strong today, even after extensive use and laundering.
first gen cup sleeve Uncommon Covers
First generation cup sleeve on an ice cream pint.
  • If you’re not into wet hands, the wicking of moisture with neoprene is far superior.
  • Foam flunks at movement. Neoprene can stretch and retract in many ways.
  • Neoprene is vastly less bulky than foam.
  • Loose fit koozies defeat the purpose of using a koozie. Neoprene offers the snuggest possible fit.
upcycled drinkwear b&w stripe
Snug fit on the Striped Upcycled Drinkwear.
  • As use of neoprene expands wildly (like in fashion), color and design options are increasing too.
  • Wetsuits are made from neoprene, therefore, UC koozies pair perfectly with water activities.
  • For the DIYers, neoprene can accept heat press of vinyl designs – just make sure to use stretch vinyl!

At Uncommon Covers, we’ve found the superior product and are proud to utilize it! All in-house custom koozies are either type ‘B’ or ‘K’ neoprene. These are typically constructed of two outer layers of a polyester or lycra blend fabric between different rubber varieties. Even the Upcycled koozies have neoprene! Go with the product that lasts, choose UC neoprene. Have questions? Send over a message or order your own to compare! Or visit Uncommon Covers virtually at the Boerne Handmade Market on November 14th from 12 to 3 p.m. More info soon!

Move Over Summer, Winter is Koozie Season

Many people associate koozie use with summer time, and with great reason! Summer goes hand in hand with being outside, water sports, and refreshing beverages. When you’re sweating, there is no reason for your drink sweat too. Plus at a table full of drinks, a personalized koozie is the best way to identify your drink among many others.

But have you considered the distinct advantages of using a koozie in the winter months? Outside activities are still quite common; you just need different equipment! Here are the top nine reasons why winter koozies rock.


  1. Cup sleeves keep hot chocolate and coffee hot longer!
  2. Great way to differentiate your snowman from everyone else’s.
  3. Brightly colored Day Drinker koozie can be used as a signal if ice causes issues on the road.
  4. Keep your drink cool and tasty when hanging out next to a fire.
  5. Steel tumblers look fancy with a cup sleeve on.
  6. Full coverage from 16 oz. Tall Boy and 24 oz. Silo styles maintain perfect consumption temperature.
  7. Neoprene keeps cold and wet in so your hands/gloves/mittens stay dry.
  8. For the Texans, a koozie can help regulate the coolness or hotness of their drinks while the weather wildly vacillates between 80° and 25° within 24 hours.
  9. Still the best way to ensure you are drinking your own drink.

cup sleeve for coffee

So, yes! Summer is a fabulous time to have koozies around but winter is also the perfect season for koozie use. Keep them in your glove compartment or ice chest, not in the seasonal tubs. What are some ways koozies make your winter experience better?

Come say howdy at the Universal City Snowfest & Carnival on Saturday, February 15, 3pm – 9pm at the Universal City Park, 305 North Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148. Not in the area? Shopping online is available anytime! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with new designs, specials, and market postings.

As a Texas-based business, we at Uncommon Covers are generally deprived of snow and wintery goodness. We would love to see your custom koozie being used in all that white stuff, so snap a pic of you or someone braving the cold with an Uncommon Cover and we may just post it to our social media! Be sure to tag it #uncommoncovers for all the world to see. Stay warm out there!